These exclusive discounts are offered in a form of certificates that you simply GIVE AWAY to people by either printing or emailing them and every time someone redeems them you get paid a commission for each certificate redeemed. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

We have associates making as much as $1,200, $3,000, $5,000 and even $8,000 dollars per month with our program just by working less than 12 hours a week.

Not only do you have the ability to make money on the front end, but you can make thousands a month when customers redeem their certificates. Earn between $3 and $6 on every redemption that comes from your account.

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Work from home

"I have never seen a program that was so easy to use but yet so profitable"

Online business

"This program is amazing. I simply followed their instructions and now my business is on auto pilot."

Unlimited Certificates

"Unlimited Certificates is simply the most fascinating program I have ever used."

Increase sales with incentives

"Unlimited Certificates has increased my sales on average or 30%! Will stick with this program."

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