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This certificate is redeemable for a Pharmacy Discounts Booklet, providing you with the opportunity to order coupons for Non-Prescription (over-the-counter) products of your choice. In your Pharmacy Discounts Booklet you will find (50) fifty $10.00 Non-Prescription (over-the-counter) Pharmaceutical Coupon Certificates. Each certificate may be redeemed for $10.00 worth of pre-clipped coupons from the pharmaceutical index listed in the book. Select from over 100 over-the-counter products and order the coupons as you need them.

This certificate has no cash value and is void if discontinued or where prohibited by law. No purchaser should rely upon representations other than those included in this certificate. The terms of this certificate are subject to change without notice. The certificate holder is responsible for the terms and conditions as they apply on the date of redemption.

To receive your $500 Pharmacy Discount Coupon Booklet, please go to activatecertificate.com/redeem and use the Certificate ID# displayed on your certificate. Please pay $15.00 for processing, postage and handling fee.

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